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Past few decades can be called the decades of complete dependence on artificial methods. People gave up the natural, healthy ways of living and adopted artificial and unhealthy lifestyle but now people have understood the importance of healthy living. People are improving their way of living by simply changing what they eat and doing more physical activities.

Healthy living is not confined to eating healthy; it can also be achieved by using good products or methods for doing basic household work like cleaning floor, washing dishes and doing your laundry.We humans, try to avoid any physical contact with things that are even slightly toxic as much as we can. What if the clothes that we wear, the clothes that are apparently the closest things to our body are turning into some toxic substances that can harm us in many ways? We would never want them near us. It cannot be ignored that the detergents used to wash clothes contain pollutants, chemicals, and artificial preservatives, all toxic to human health.


We usually select the way of laundry that is less time consuming or budget friendly because glaringly time and money both matter more than anything to us people today. We must also know that these cheap and fast ways can harm us in way too many manners. The ingredient table of the commercial detergents shows a number of chemicals ingredients listed on it which are “surfactants”. Surfactants are surface active agents or wetting agents capable of reducing the surface tension of a liquid. These surfactants release benzene which may cause cancer, reproductive disorders and other health issues. Commercial detergents contain artificial scents, when we wear clothes washed by these detergents we are inhaling the harmful fumes all day. Phosphate that is a common chemical added to laundry detergents is very harmful to our health and our environment.Almost everything today is judged on the basis of the physical appearance in the present time and these convectional detergents just improve the scent and the appearance of our clothes and are less inclined towards making our clothes germ free.


Organic laundry detergent does not contain chlorine, phosphates, and other artificial additives that are dangerous to human health. This can be called “surfactantless” way of laundry. By using organic laundry we can avoid many dangers to our health and also our family’s health. The best way to have a better physical health and better environment is to use organic ways of laundry. These ways are made with natural, certified ingredients. They are gentler on clothes and healthier for our bodies and environment.
DMV wash and fold services will provide you with the best organic laundry experience at affordable prices. With DMV services you are never going to feel that dullness or lifelessness in your clothes again and you will feel happy in your healthy and alive clothes. Our laundry service is never going to leave you unsatisfied with your clothes.

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